Long articles on short screens.

Magazines are struggling to remain viable in the face of competition from Internet publications, and changes in how readers consume journalism. The New Republic is a century-old high-brow magazine that is adapting to the changing way that people read, including the growing popularity of reading on mobile devices. According to the magazine’s web site, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes purchased the magazine in 2012 “to help build a future for substantive journalism in a digital age.”

While some might argue that the kind of long-form journalism in the New Republic would not appeal to a mobile audience, Hughes told NPR’s Morning Edition in a January 29, 2013 interview that 20 percent of their traffic was coming from mobile devices. He went on to say “So we’ve redesigned our website so that it’s optimized for not only a mobile reading experience, but for the tablet as well. We’ve added in all kinds of features like cross-device syncing, so that if you start a piece at your desk and you get halfway through it, when you come back to the same article on your phone, it picks you up right where you left off. … Increasingly, that’s the way we read.” When asked if the New Republic would remain a print publication, Hughes said “we make money off of print,” and added that on the weekend he loves sitting down and paging through a print magazine.

To listen to the Morning Edition program, or download a podcast to listen to at your convenience, visit the URL below:


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