An amazing tale of hope, human spirit, and heroism in Thailand.

In June 2018 the Wild Boars soccer team, including their coach, decided to venture deep into a cave in Thailand. While they explored inside the cave it began to rain and they were marooned behind flooded cave passages. It was ten days before the boys and their young coach were found by two British divers. A massive rescue operation was mounted in which one Thai Navy Seal perished. Two key figures in the rescue effort were Australians Dr Richard Harris, an anaesthetist, and Dr Craig Challen, a veterinary surgeon. Both men are expert cave divers. In the 11/18/19 episode of Nine to Noon from Radio New Zealand, host Kathryn Ryan interviews the two men who co-wrote a book about their role in the rescue, “Against All Odds: The Inside Account of the Thai Cave Rescue.” This is a gripping program about the incredible complexity and danger involved in the rescue operation. Both men were initially convinced that the boys could not be brought out alive, but they explain how the ingenuity and courage of the rescuers, along with the toughness and spirit exhibited by the boys and their coach, resulted in all of them being saved.

Click on the title below to listen to this program, or download a podcast to listen to at your convenience:

Australian heroes of Thai cave rescue

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